Here's the deal:
We are a group of people trying to follow JESUS. Yes, we belong to a church, but we didn't do this to trick people or push an agenda. We did it because we want to try and emulate the WORDS, the LIFE, and the WAY of JESUS.

You see, JESUS was most interested in connecting people to GOD, not trying to get them to come to a club for the spiritually elite. HE came to serve. HE came to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. HE came to express the love of GOD to the world. So we're handing out YOU ARE LOVED buttons at street festivals and thundersticks to cheer on the marathon runners in an act of joining with GOD as HE renews the city we love. In some way we hope to show you the kindness of GOD through our actions. We can only love because we have first been loved by JESUS.

May you know today that YOU ARE LOVED.
Loved by GOD.
Loved by us.

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